Friday, August 17, 2007

more first day of school stuff.

Grandma came over on the first day of school to play before Hope got on the bus. so I could take the big kids to school! she was loving having grandma there , they sat out front and played bubbles!

Hope has a cute bag! She was excited to carry it herself!
and she gets to ride the bus!
she was a little hesitant about getting on. so we took her picture on the steps and then i carried her to her seat!

She didn't cry at all!
they said she was so good and cooperative. and how cute she is. everyone has been very nice and they say how cute she is everyday! she likes her preschool and she even practices going on the potty there!

First day of preschool!

Hope gets to go to Preschool because she has a speech delay! yay! she is really excited about going and she gets to ride the bus! here she is waiting to send the big kids off , and then playing before the bus came! she was loving her bubble maker!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

3rd Birthday picture fun!

Here I am with my new stroller! and Cabbage patch baby!
These are the cupcakes my mom decorated!
I sat with grandma to blow out my candles! She came over Just to have cake! I love grandma Jones!

My Birthday! I helped empty the dishwasher! and I love my new birthday pajamas!
Blue eyes!
wearing my new pajamas, and hanging out. Pierce was hanging out on top of the box!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Welcome to Hope's blog! She is an adorable little girl with 5 siblings. She is # 5 out of 6 kids. Hope is shy but normally very happy. She has beautiful blue eyes and super long eyelashes!